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June 23, 2009

Tami, to be trained by Al Gore in July 2009

The selection of Swary Utami Dewi (Tami for short) from the Working Group on Community Empowerment of the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia, to be trained by former US vice president Al Gore at The Climate Project – Australia Asia Pacific Summit (A-P Summit).

The Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) fellow of Indonesia, Tami, has been selected from more than 2000 Australasian applicants to travel to Melbourne and complete a three day intensive course where she will learn to deliver a version the slide show from the documentary An Inconvenient Truth.



October 18, 2008


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Swary Utami Dewi)

Global Warming: Causing Impacts for the Earth (By: Swary Utami Dewi)

“An Inconvenient Truth” is an expose on global warming from Al Gore, the former vice president of the USA during the regime of Bill Clinton. In this film, he explains what global warming is, the causes and impacts. The presentation is equipped by facts, figures, pictures which are convincing to audiences and easy to understand.

In brief, global warming is a situation where temperature of earth surface has increased over time because the thickening layer of atmosphere has trapped part of energy from the sunrise. The atmosphere layer becomes thickening by global warming or green house gases, such as CO2 and NH4. The green house gases are produced by many things such as human, economic and industrial activities. (more…)

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