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June 23, 2009

Tami, to be trained by Al Gore in July 2009

The selection of Swary Utami Dewi (Tami for short) from the Working Group on Community Empowerment of the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia, to be trained by former US vice president Al Gore at The Climate Project – Australia Asia Pacific Summit (A-P Summit).

The Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) fellow of Indonesia, Tami, has been selected from more than 2000 Australasian applicants to travel to Melbourne and complete a three day intensive course where she will learn to deliver a version the slide show from the documentary An Inconvenient Truth.

It is the first time people from the Asia Pacific region have been specifically included in the program which builds on the work of The Climate Project – Australia.

The A-P Summit brings together 300 people representing a broad cross section of people from a diverse cross section of industry, advocacy and broad social groupings from Australasia and the Asia Pacific region. They will benefit from Mr’s Gore tutelage and the expertise of a panel of international scientists.

Once trained, Tami commits to completing 10 activities – to an audience of her choice. Five of those activities need be completed by November 30. The activities might be speaking to work colleagues about climate change, delivering a climate change presentation or talking to the media about her role.

“We are extremely proud of Tami’s achievement in community empowerment and we will support her over the year to ensure she is as effective as possible, particularly at community level as they are facing issues of climate change. As an organisation and an Indonesian we are committed to taking real strides on order to help avoid the worst of the climate crisis,” Dr. Hadi Pasaribu, the Chairman of the Working Group on Community Empowerment of The Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia, said.

“By participating in the project, we hope that Tami would be able to help share information of issues of climate change to stakeholders, including to the community, in order to anticipate the impact of climate change,” Dr. Togu Manurung, a well-known forestry activist as well as an advisor to the Ministry of Forestry, added.

“The climate crisis is a challenge for all of us.”

In Australia, one in seventy five Australians have now seen a presentation delivered by one of the 250 Al Gore trained Climate Project presenters working throughout communities in Australia.

For more information about The Climate Project – Australia and its international partners, go to


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