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October 18, 2008


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Swary Utami Dewi)

Global Warming: Causing Impacts for the Earth (By: Swary Utami Dewi)

“An Inconvenient Truth” is an expose on global warming from Al Gore, the former vice president of the USA during the regime of Bill Clinton. In this film, he explains what global warming is, the causes and impacts. The presentation is equipped by facts, figures, pictures which are convincing to audiences and easy to understand.

In brief, global warming is a situation where temperature of earth surface has increased over time because the thickening layer of atmosphere has trapped part of energy from the sunrise. The atmosphere layer becomes thickening by global warming or green house gases, such as CO2 and NH4. The green house gases are produced by many things such as human, economic and industrial activities.The global warming is a fact. It is ongoing and has given impacts to people, living things and the planet. When temperature rises, ice on polar and mountain areas melts. Then, it causes the rise of sea level, covering land areas. Further impacts, many people living along seashore areas should be removed to inland. Global warming also causes the rise of ocean temperature and gives impacts to the existences of hurricanes, typhoons, etc. Other environmental disturbances also occur such as floods and droughts. Further impacts of the global warming are not limited to human beings (migration, hunger, health, etc). It also gives impacts to lives of animals and plants.

Al Gore encourages people to see global warming as a moral issue. It could across any boundaries which barrier people to work together on the issue of global warming. Seeing global warming from the point of views of moral would avoid people seeing it from political or any other hindering views.

Realizing the importance to wake up people about the danger of global warming and what we can do about it, Al Gore still travels around the world to continue his campaigns and actions to reduce global warming.

Swary Utami Dewi, 27 August 2007


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